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5 Nasty Things In Your Bathroom & How-to Clean Them!

I consider a bathroom cleaning video to be essential viewing, if you want to know how to clean your tub, toilet, sink, counters, tiles, and even the floor.

But I hate to tell you—those aren’t even the nastiest parts of the bathroom. So now we’re back to tackle those things—the ones that you might not think to clean on a regular basis.

Your Toothbrush & Toothbrush Holder

Keeping your toothbrush clean is actually quite simple. First off, always rinse it well after each use to avoid toothpaste build-up. When you want to get it really clean, soak it in a cup of white vinegar for about a half hour; the vinegar will take care of any lingering bacteria in short order. Be sure to replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months, or after being sick.

As for the toothbrush holder, fill it with hot, soapy water, and scrub out the gunk.

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Loofah ( Bathing Sponge)

I love using loofahs because they so such a good job of cleaning me, but how often do we think about cleaning them? You’ll be relieved to find out that you can clean your loofah as easily as your toothbrush, using the same magical white vinegar!

Just submerge your loofah( Bathing Sponge) in a 50/50 mixture of hot water and vinegar for about an hour, then hang it up to drip-dry. (This method also works for sponges or washcloths.) Be sure to always let it dry fully between uses.


A little razor maintenance will go a long way in protecting you against nicks and cuts. Pour a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and swipe your razor clean before using. Afterwards, rinse well and give the razor a good towel dry. Store it in a dry place, like on your countertop.

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Toilet Brush

Your toilet brush takes care of some of the most undesirable messes imaginable. The number 1 rule for taking care of it is to prevent what you’re cleaning out of your toilet from hanging out on this brush or in its little storage cup.

After cleaning the toilet, rest the brush between the bowl and the seat. Spray it generously with a disinfectant, such as rubbing alcohol, and let it sit, dripping wet, for 10 minutes or so. Then, rinse the brush in the hottest water possible and allow it to drip dry again, using the same method. Never place a wet brush back into the brush cup—that’s when paranormal activity starts to happen.

The brush cup can also be cleaned by spraying it with disinfectant, leaving for 10 minutes and rinsing under hot water.

5 Nasty Things In Your Bathroom & How-to Clean Them!

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Spray with your favorite disinfectant and leave for 10 minutes, then air dry. You can also store the plunger on top of a neatly folded plastic bag. That way, when you use it, you can place it in the bag and bring it to a wash basin to clean, without leaving any messy drips. (This is not the bag you want to be reusing for groceries, either.)

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What else needs cleaning in your bathroom? If you have a cleaning question that you need answered, We invite you to leave a comment below! We love reading your questions and comments and do our best to get back to as many as possible, so, don’t be shy and say hello!

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